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2019 EXHIBIT HIGHLIGHTS (Partial List Only)

Booth no.: 3F12&14

AZZ Specialty Welding Services (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.


Booth no.: 3F07&09

Beijing United Sterling Trading Co. Ltd.

Formally known as Rees Instruments and IST-REES and now part of the Mirion Technology group we are the acknowledged leader of radiation tolerant cameras and CCTV systems for the worlds nuclear industry.
Our range of standard and customized products offers customers a broad spectrum of inspection options including high radiation tolerant CCTV systems and radiation tolerant colour CCD systems as stand alone or multi camera systems.
With over 35 years of design and manufacturing experience there are now 1000’s of our cameras in use in the worlds nuclear power plants and facilities.

Booth no.: 5B02

DEF (Shanghai) Fire Equipment Co., Ltd


Booth no.: 3E23&25


Diakont is a globally-recognized company offering a full range of high-technology products, solutions and services that enhance the safety and economy of the energy, automation and manufacturing industries. With over 1300 employees, Diakont provides the highest quality and reliability products and services.
Diakont is a leading designer and manufacturer of radiation-tolerant inspection and CCTV cameras, robotics, electromechanical actuators (EMAs) and nuclear power plant equipment utilized worldwide in power plants of all designs.
Diakont provides wide range of services: Robotic In-Line Inspection, Facility Pipeline Inspection, Storage Tank Inspection, Pipeline Mapping Services, Robotic Cavity Cleaning and Decontamination Service and was the first company to complete a buried piping in-line inspection at a U.S. plant.
Diakont operates engineering, design and manufacturing facilities in Russia, North America and Italy while maintaining support facilities strategically located in nine different countries to support customers worldwide. Utilizing this global infrastructure, Diakont provides superior responsiveness and customer service.
Exhibited products:
TV System Proton 2.0
TV System STS-40M

Booth no.: 3J01

The Scientific and Production Private Enterprise “Sparing-Vist Center” is a well-known developer and manufacturer of radiation measurement instruments of ECOTEST trademark in Ukraine and worldwide. The production of high-quality products, a full cycle of research and development, entrepreneurship and team spirit building are the key to success and long-term leadership of the ECOTEST ТМ products on the instrument making market.

  • MKS-11GN SPRD SPECTRA Search Dosimeter-Radiometer
  • DKS-02 PN PRD CADMIUM Search Alarm Dosimeter
  • MKS-UM Multipurpose Dosimeter-Radiometer
  • EPD DKG-21M Personal Gamma Radiation Dosimeter
  • ІТ-09Т Data Panel with BDBG-09 Gamma Radiation Detecting Unit

Booth no.: 3B15-20


On December 13, 2018, the Taishan Unit 1 EPR reactor became the first EPR to enter commercial operation.  EDF (30%) and its partner CGN joined their force in the TNP JVC company to build and operate the 2 EPR units of Taishan (Guangdong Province).

Booth no.: 3C15-18


Framatome is a major international player in the nuclear energy market recognized for its innovative solutions and value-added technologies for designing, building, maintaining, and advancing the global nuclear fleet. The company designs, manufactures, and installs components, fuel and instrumentation and control systems for nuclear power plants and offers a full range of reactor services.
With 14,000 employees worldwide, every day Framatome’s expertise helps its customers improve the safety and performance of their nuclear plants and achieve their economic and societal goals.

Booth no.: French Pavilion

ALD France

-  Sintering furnaces for MOX Fuel
-  Sintering furnaces for UO2 Fuel
-  Furnaces for steam generator tubes
-  Furnaces for Zircaloy tubes
-  Nuclear Waste Management

Booth no.: French Pavilion

Lloyds Register-Apave Limited

Focused on nuclear safety, integrity and performance
Providing confidence throughout your project lifecycle
- ITPIA/IA Services
- Product conformity
- Project health and safety
- Building information modelling (BIM)
Assuring your supply chain
- ISO 17025 Laboratories
- Nuclear pressure equipment (NPE) policies - UK & France
- ISO 19443
- Management system assessment
Technical courses and technical assistance
- RCC series training courses
- ASME code training courses
- Specific regulations (e.g. UK CDM)
- Code, standard, and regulation interpretations
- Hinkley Point NPE and NPS policy training courses

Booth no.: French Pavilion

The SN series is a multi-turn series designed for inside containment safety-related service (Nuc I.C). It can be used for On-Off or Modulating Class III applications. This range integrates the feedback from users working in more than 120 reactor units all over the world.
The SQN series is a quarter-turn series designed for inside containment safety-related service (Nuc I.C). It can be used for On-Off or Modulating Class III. This range integrates the feedback from users working in more than 120 reactor units all over the world.
The ST series is a multi-turn series designed for outside containment safety-related service or non safety related area. It can be used for On-Off or Modulating Class III applications. This series takes into account feedback on several years of exploitation in Oil & Gas and Nuclear markets.
The OA / AS / BS ranges are quarter-turn actuators designed for outside containment safety related service or for non safety related area. They can be used for On-Off or Modulating Class III applications. They have been designed to operate quarter-turn valves directly (without any additional gearbox).

Booth no.: French Pavilion


The men and women at BESSÉ Nuclear Solutions® are ultra-specialized in offering insurance advice and service to industrialists of the nuclear field.  Not just a simple broker, their skill is central to a made-to-measure advisory service and daily and steady customer support, both in France and on an international scale.
BESSÉ Nuclear Solutions®, based in Nantes, Paris and London, is the only French insurance advisor and broker entirely dedicated to players of the nuclear industry.
1/3rd of team members are dedicated to claims-handling.

Booth no.: French Pavilion


Power and Utilities: 

We provide you with support for all types of power generation activities: renewables (solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, etc.), fossil and nuclear.
Reducing risk in low carbon projects:
For your low carbon projects, we support you across all project stages (feasibility, design, procurement, construction, and operation) to reduce risk, prioritize HSSE, and gain access to a global but reliable supply chain. Our services include environmental impact assessment, design review, QA/QC, site inspection, personnel qualification, asset integrity management, and more.
Safe, reliable conventional assets:
For your existing assets, we provide operational support—such as mandatory inspection and maintenance, outage support, and non-destructive testing—to improve cost management, performance, and reliability. We also provide asset management support—such as condition monitoring, risk assessment, and performance optimization—to extend your plant’s operating life.

Booth no.: French Pavilion

ECM Technologies

• Melting/re-melting Vacuum induction furnace
• Cold Crucible Induction Melting (CCIM) furnace
• Laboratory furnace for melting

Booth no.: French Pavilion

ICOS Consortium

ICOS models all Reinforced Concrete structures in 3D-BIM with full clash resolution in Nuclear Civil Works detailed design.
The organization, automation, BIM processes and digital continuity to produce 3D reinforced concrete models, integrating construction methods on large-scale nuclear projects are a World’s First.
ICOS develops an efficient delivery process that significantly reduces time waste on site due to clash and installation problems, by identifying and resolving these issues during the design phase.

Booth no.: French Pavilion


MAX PERLES coatings applied both on EDF's FLAMANVILLE EPR external dome surface and on all internal surfaces in contact with liquids or gases, permanently or accidentally.

Booth no.: French Pavilion

HYLIAD - Oreka Group

DosiCase®: a new training tool to simulate dosimetric exposition
DosiCase® is a standalone training tool that includes all the necessary materials to raise awareness among personnel at risk for radiation during mandatory trainings of nuclear industry.
Using networked device interconnectivity, DosiCase® is equipped with personal dosimeters, gamma radiation emission sources and a radiation monitor. 
All these devices are controlled from a touch-screen tablet that allows you to configure maximum doses for each dosimeter and the dose rate for each source.
During the training, the dosimeters react to the sources and display the integrated doses until an alarm is set off.
DosiCase® is already used by EDF, CEA/INSTN, APAVE, TECNATOM, ELECTRABEL, FANR and many other companies through the world.

Booth no.: French Pavilion


Nuclear-qualified measurement solutions as K1, K2 and K3 qualified temperature sensors, as well as NC senors.

-  Fast-response sensors (DT034 / DT038)

-  Surface sensors (DT115)

-  Sensors with standard response times (DT108 / DT088)

-  Motor or pump-bearing sensors (DT110 / DT112)

Booth no.: French Pavilion


-  Fuel Handling Systems for PWR/BWR,
-  Bespoke Handling Systems for Reprocessing and Vitrificaton plants,
-  Handling Systems for Used Fuels, Waste Management and Storage,
-  Specialist of complex handling systems for remotely controlled operation in Hot Cells.

Booth no.: French Pavilion

ROBATEL Industries

Booth no.: 3B05&06

Rolls-Royce Civil Nuclear SAS

• 拥有超过3000堆年在役仪控系统成功运行的长期现场经验;
• 如期交付新建以及改造项目;
• 符合国际与当地标准的灵活解决方案;
• 一个易于获得认证许可的安全平台;
• 可以长期支持的解决方案:50多年来成功交付后的承诺与专业娴熟的现场支持服务。

罗尔斯罗伊斯的整套仪控解决方案是基于世界级的工程设计与最先进的技术, 结合硬件、电子与软件组件,为新核电厂和现有核电厂的翻新生产出独一无二的数字化仪控平台 。



Booth no.: French Pavilion


SOURIAU offers a comprehensive range of nuclear connectors to answer with reliable and ergonomic solutions to the requirements of class 1E equipment (safety-related electric equipment in nuclear power plants) and requirements of the rest of the nuclear cycle. SOURIAU has a great deal of experience with nuclear power plants as we have been supplying qualified connectors for more than 60 years in power plants over the world. We provide interconnect systems suitable for pressurized water reactor or boiling water reactor buildings. Our connector solutions are extensively used in instrumentation, power, and control applications. They are specially designed for sensors or equipment such as: pressure transmitters, instruments, RTDs, thermocouples, pumps, switches, solenoid valves and other DC devices. Our dedicated ranges of connectors are complying with LOCA safety requirements. With approved component materials, our connectors meet the highest radiation levels and harshest nuclear environment.
SOURIAU has supplied more than one hundred nuclear reactors in service worldwide with 8NA products. The 8NA range is the main solution used to connect K1safety related equipment in the nuclear power plants worldwide.
The 8NA6G is a connector with cable field plug and is easy to implement for signal connections and can be connected to equipment mounted with 8NA receptacles.
For new constructions, SOURIAU can provide the 8NA cable field plug with up to 200 m cable, allowing connecting the equipment directly to the feedthrough of the nuclear reactor and reducing the installation time. Visit us in the French Pavilion to learn more!

Booth no.: 3A11-14


RVN Valve

Booth no.: 3B08&10


2019 celebrates the 25 anniversary of the first SEBIM™ Pilot operated safety valves installation in China (DAYA BAY unit 1 RCS, RHR and RCV safety valves).
Since 1994, our company has been supporting the Chinese nuclear industry through trusted relationships with all major involved companies such as JNPJVC, CGN, CNPEC, CNPE, CNEIC, Chinergy, Tsingua University, CNOC… Our SEBIM™ & SARASIN-RSBD™ products significantly contribute to Nuclear Power Plant safety ensuring to the overpressure protection of 44 reactors in China.

Booth no.: 3D07-10

Jiangsu Tiemao Glass Co., Ltd.


Booth no.: 3F08&10

Nutech International Co.

源能(NUTECH)是西班牙ENSA,RINGO, ENUSA;法国QUIRI,ORBANDAL,THERMOCOAX,PHOTONIS,乌克兰Sumy NPO公司在中国的独家代理,源能代理的产品和服务业绩遍及全球,形成了一个具有国际化的专业网络。

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Booth no.: 3B25

Orano Group


Booth no.: 3D19-22

Pengxin (Wuhan) Import & Export Trade Co.,Ltd.


EPR是国际上最新型反应堆(法国N4和德国Konvoi 反应堆)基础上开发。

Booth no.: 3B24


Since 1993 RITVERC deals with design, production and distribution of sealed radiation sources for process control (Cs-137, Ba-133, Na-22) and analytical (Ni-63, Sr-90, Fe-55, Cd-109, Co-57) equipment, sources for science, Mossbauer sources Co-57 and Sn-119m, calibration and reference sources for gamma spectroscopy (Na-22, Ti-44, Mn-54, Fe-55, Co-57, Co-60, Zn-65, Y-88, Cd-109, Sn-113, Cs-134, Cs-137, Ba-133, Ce-139, Eu-152, Gd-153, Bi-207, Th-228, Am-241, Am-243).

Booth no.: 3D11-14



山特维克还获得了中华人民共和国民用核安全设备活动境外单位注册登记确认书(HAF604),并积极贯彻实施OHSAS 18001国际职业卫生和安全管理体系规范,为我们的客户提供高质量和安全的核工业产品。

Booth no.: 3F16

Seitz Valve Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

亮点 模块化设计,核级,配合安装阀板后续更换备件方便

-  2-way, 3-way, 5-way direct or pilot operated valves using system media or auxiliary media

-  Uses modular adapters for diverse applications
-  Flanged design allows mounting on base plates/manifolds (results in fast disconnection of solenoid valves)
-  Pressure range from 0 to 12 bar (0 to 174 psig)
-  Cv from 0.1 to 12.9
-  Response time max. 50 ms
-  Internal leakage ≤ 2 scc/min
-  DBE conditions (LOCA): 181°C (358°F)
-  Qualified life time 25 years (40’000 cycles) - no PM required throughout life time
-  Seismic test: 11.2 g (2-100 Hz)
Irradiation: 200 Mrad  

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- 安全壳十年定期打压试验,强度评估(全球超过120次)
- 空气冷却塔定期缺陷检查及老化评估(超过500塔.年老化数難据)
- 安全壳永久性仪表系统/地震监测系统的设计,供货,安装和维护(数十座反应堆)

Booth no.: 3A07-10

STAUBLI (Hangzhou) Mechatronic Co.,Ltd.


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WIKA China



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YongSung Electric Co., Ltd.



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The 12th China International Exhibition on Nuclear Power Industry


April 27-29, 2017


China International Exhibition Center (CIEC)

Beijing, P.R. China


China Nuclear Energy Association (CNEA)

Supporters :

  • China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC)
  • China Nuclear Engineering Group Corporation (CNEC)
  • China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN)
  • State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC)
  • China HuaNeng Group (CHNG)
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  • China Guodian Corporation (CGDC)
  • China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG)
  • Harbin Electric Corporation (HE)
  • DongFang Electric Corporation (DEC)
  • Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation
  • Tsinghua University
  • Shanghai Nuclear Power Office
  • General Office of the Leading Group of the Major Technology and Equipment of Sichuan Province
  • Nuclear Power Industrial Office of Heilongjiang Province

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